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UFO Chaser has a goal to bring light to the fact that we are being visited by many alien craft.


To date it is expected to be at least two dozen.


They vary in size and shape. Each shape suggests that they have different inelegance levels.


One type is the famous dish shape. Others are bell, boomerang and cigar shapes a mile long.


The most unique is very small.



My first encounter was when I was about ten.

On a little 80 acre farm in Belmont County Ohio.    


I awoke one night with commotion in the house.

In the kitchen was father on  a seat shaking in fear.

He described a ring of fire that had buzzed just over his head.

The fear was the fact that the thing did not make any noise.


Same farm same time in history I was walking to the neighbor's house with

a one gallon bottle and fifty cents to buy milk when they finished milking the cows.


Half way down the hill for some reason I walked off the path

to the fence row and looked into the wheat field.

In that level area the wheat was flattened into a twenty foot circle.

I pushed through the barb wire fence to investigate.

I stepped on the flat area and it was hard.


I asserted more weight and it crushed through to the ground.

It was flat above the ground.

I imagined a lot of strange reasons for the twenty foot flat spot

but nothing made sense.


The family soon sold the farm and moved to Canton, Ohio.


Fifteen years later I was out of school, the US Navy and married.

I was working for the local Radio Station WHBC as an Engineer.


I bought my first house and a nice Black and White TV.

On the News one evening the story was about

 Crop Circles and UFO's


Finally it all made sense.



Last Encounter was Yosemite National Park

Bridalveil Creek Camping Area September 3, 2004.

2:00 AM  

The ones I observed were traveling as small lights in the trees.

Moving around over a distance of over 60 feet horizontally in the trees. 

On the edge the clearing eighty feet distant.


No electricity in this camping area.


In the speed of a click and gone with no noise suddenly they were gone.

Looking closer in the moonlight they were hanging into a vertical formation

the lowest one being 20  feet above the ground.

The number two ten feet up and the third ten feet above.


A few second pause then an instant three parallel horizontal streaks to the right and gone.


 Most likely the count of ten would find them past our sun.


The only explanation I can come up with is that they convert themselves to pure energy

then connect to home for travel. The pure energy gives zero mass that becomes

a way to pass through anything along the way that may be dangerous at the speed of light or beyond.


Perhaps in a few thousand years we can do that also.


They have at thousands of years head start on us.



The good news is that most have been friendly.




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