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UFO Chaser has a goal to bring light to the fact that we are being visited by many alien craft.


To date it is expected to be at least two dozen.


They vary in size and shape. Each shape suggests that they have different inelegance levels.


One type is the famous dish shape. Others are bell, boomerang and cigar shapes a mile long.


The most unique is very small. This little one could be almost anything converted to pure energy.


The ones I observed were traveling as lights in the trees.


In a click and gone but in the clearing eighty feet distant.


They appeared in a vertical formation the lowest one being 20 to 30

 feet above the ground in the clearing.


The number two ten feet above the lowest with number three ten feet above two.


A brief pause and click, three parallel streaks.


 Most likely the count of ten would find them past our sun.


The good news is that they have all been friendly.



In order to prove their existence it is necessary to have a

 credible observation platform with certification.


The method I have selected is an infrared camera.

The audio listening device can monitor sounds nearly

one hundred times more sensitive then the human ear.


This is followed by a way to certify date and time


The day or night time video, audio and time certification

will be recorded on a daily basis and can be reviewed at will.


The system monitoring will be expanded to a world wide

Network of observers hoped to exceed 10,000 within two years.


The observers should complete an on-line study course.


After registration and completion the trained observers will receive a


login name and password before they would be able to upload items on the web site.



Millions around the world will be watching the results.

Misleading statements would be detrimental to the purpose of the entire study.

Communications through the Internet will give instant alerts


As interesting events begin to happen.

The basic logic of the study and tracking is to urge various

Political figures to release the truth about past items that were

recovered and since covered-up.










The video recorder used for automatic recording is available in many locations.

 It has a 160 GB hard disk and can be set for automatic recording





We have created a special certificate.


Sample Certificate


Just send me your true story about the UFO you saw by e-mail.


Give The name for Certificate 



I will create your certificate as an Official UFO Chaser with your name.


I will attach it back with your email.


When received just print it and frame it.


Send mail to



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